This Is Why Jacksonville Homeowners Replace Their Roof

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A roof replacement involves tearing off everything on the roof down to the deck, then putting on new felt paper and shingles. A roof replacement can be done no matter how many layers of shingles are already on the roof. This method is great when there are underlying issues or possible sheathing damage because everything will be visible when the felt paper is removed.


Below are signs of roof damage that have led to a roof replacement. If you have seen any of these items or suspect damage on your roof, give us a call at 904-232-8475 right away and we'll come by to perform a free inspection. 











Some shingles can be lifted if a strong enough wind gust catches it at the right angle. A shingle that has been lifted due to winds may have loosened the sealant and possibly the nail. This can create a entry point for water which can turn into a interior leak and damaged wood, or an opening for critters to enter your home.  










Believe it or not Hail Storms do happen in Northeast Florida. Strong hail can break or puncture an asphalt shingle, but usually it damages the granules. Once a spot is created more granules will fall around it and it will grow. The damage may not be obvious at first, so if you suspect hail damage, please give us a call and we will perform a complete roof inspection for you.











Shingles that have cracked is clear evidence of old age or excessive wind force. If several shingles are cracking the integrity of the roof is compromised.











An algae called Gloeocapsa Magma usually cause these streaks. Spores are spread mainly by wind but also by animals and park themselves on the north side of roofs where the limited sunshine stimulate their growth. Here the algae feed on the limestone in the shingles, and as they grow, they develop a dark outer coating which results in the visible black staining. The algae will trap moisture and cause premature shingle aging and granule loss.











The rubber boots will begin to crack over time. These cracks are entry points for water and bugs.











Leaks can come from a variety of different places through the roof (lifted shingles, damage on the roof, missing flashing, exposed nails, pipe boots, etc.) if you suspect a leak coming from the roof give us a call right away. The sooner leaks are addressed the better, leaving them for later can result in a more expensive repair.












Over the lifespan of your roof, shingles will begin losing granules. Typically, when a lot of granules appear to be missing, it is usually a sign of a roof with old age. With enough missing granules the shingles become compromised. The shingles loses its protective layers and will not defend your home as designed against UV rays from the sun. 











If you've seen a leak on your ceiling for a while now, more than likely you have rotten wood. The rotten wood can grow mold and attract nasty insects. During a roof replacement all damaged wood will be visible, so all of it can be replaced, this is why it is recommend to tear off the old roof and install a new one rather then adding another layer of roof to the existing one. If you notice a water leak take care of it right away!











Exposed nails can rust away due to exposure to the elements and will deteriorate, leading to a small opening in your roof, big enough for water to seep through.